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How do I protect my investment?

What is a giclee canvas?



Limited edition prints derive their value – both in personal enjoyment and as investments – from being a signed and numbered reproduction of the original. When you purchase a limited edition print from Editions Gallery, you take home a treasure that adds quality to your life. Here is some information to help you select and care for your limited edition art.



What’s so special about limited edition art?

Limited edition art is art reproduced from an original composition in a limited amount set out by the given artist or publisher. The total number of art pieces created is set out when the piece is originally reproduced. Common editions include publisher’s proofs (PP), artist’s proofs (AP), and signed and numbered editions (S/N). A given piece’s certificate of authenticity should outline the total edition size.


At issue, limited edition prints are priced by the publisher or the artist. Once the print is no longer available from the publisher, it becomes “sold out” and its value begins to increase. As the piece becomes rarer in galleries, its price will continue to increase.

How do I protect my investment?

Like all investments, you want to protect your artwork in order to maintain its value. Paper prints and canvas prints have different care requirements. Regardless of type, the best protection for your investment is to frame your art. In addition, both paper and canvas prints should be displayed out of direct sunlight as fading will occur overtime.

Canvas prints are normally framed with no glass and, therefore, need a bit more maintenance. Regular dusting with a non-abrasive duster is important to keep colours vibrant. Temperature also plays a large role in your canvas’ life span. Temperatures too cold may cause your canvas to crack, and temperatures too warm may cause your canvas to sag and bow. 21 C is recommended, but 10 C for short periods of time won’t do any major damage. Finally, if you do not plan to frame your canvas and have not decided to stretch it either, store it flat. A rolled canvas stored in a tube for long periods will develop creases and even cracks.

What is a giclee canvas?

A giclee – pronounced zhee-clay – canvas is reproduced collectible fine art made from a digital printing process. Giclee canvases are produced using a silk screening effect with millions of tiny drops of ink. The ink is sprayed onto the canvas in layers to create a reproduction as original looking as possible. The original is either scanned into a high resolution digital scanner or created digitally on the computer. The printer then breaks down the colour combinations and prints the giclee reproductions as close to the original’s colouring as possible.

Giclees have been in existence for many years and have recently become the absolute standard in high-end limited edition fine art. Giclee canvases can be found in all art galleries around the world and in many museums as well.

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